How To Schedule Posts Publishing In WordPress Blog

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Scheduling a post in WordPress to post at a later date or time is very easy. You only need to edit a few settings and you can publish your post at any date you want, even a past date. Yes, it’s possible too. There are several reasons you might want to manipulate the date of […]

What You Should Do When There Is Nothing To Blog About

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I always tell aspiring bloggers who ask me questions about starting their own blog a particular question. In fact it is the first question I ask them and many of them are always like “why?” The first question I normally ask them is this: What are your interests and hobby? This is very important because […]

Simple Way To Hide Affiliate Links In Your Blog Posts With HTML Or PHP

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Aside Google Adsense, the other reliable way to make money from your blog is affiliate marketing because it’s also easy to incorporate into your blog posts for your readers to see and click through to the desired destination. It brings more money than Google Adsense itself if well managed but it does come with some […]

How Guest Posting Can Kill Your Blog. Beware!!!

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Guest posting has been one way SEO experts usually recommend to get quality backlinks to your blog. I will also add that it can create awareness to your blog if you do it well by getting some traffic from the blog you are posting on. As a blogger, you should know the huge importance of […]

How To Change Your Blogspot Address To Use Custom Domain


If you have been using a blogger blog for a while or you are just starting a new one, I think it’s time to move on. You need to change that ugly default URL that looks like today. It’s not only ugly but there are so many reasons I think you must go ahead […]

How To Post Your Blog Posts To Your Facebook Wall Automatically


It’s a shame that I haven’t written about this before and I was surprised when a reader brought this to my knowledge. One of my regular readers informed me he was going to start a blog and he’s already working on it; he has been doing well I must say. He recently asked me how […]

Show Breadcrumb Navigation On Your WordPress Blog Without Plugin

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If your theme does not support breadcrumbs, learn how to add breadcrumbs to your blog with this simple code snippet. Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid to your blog readers. It allows users to keep track of their locations on your blog such that they can easily retrace their steps too. Breadcrumbs appear […]

Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts


It is really a great feeling to get tens and more comments when you make a post on your blog. Not getting comments on your blog posts can be really depressing and it only goes to show you are not doing some things right. Many bloggers have been in this situation before, I have been […]

How to Add Pagination to Blogger Blog (Blogspot)

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You can create pagination (numbered navigation or page numbers) with the code I have in this post. Blogspot blogs do not have page numbered navigation by default. The usual themes provide only the type of navigation with: Newer Post, Home and Older post. You can now change this by using a simple code. This will […]

Relatively Unknown But Very Useful Websites / Online Tools For Bloggers


As a blogger, you have to always try to find easier and faster ways of doing things. In addition, you don’t always have to pay for every service you need. I can assure you that for many paid service on the internet, there is a corresponding free one out there which will do the same […]