Tecno D3 Android Phone Specifications

Tecno D3 Android Phone

This Tecno D3′s Specifications is coming in this post because of some requests I got. People asked for the specifications of this Android Tecno D3 after I wrote an article on the Tecno Phantom N9 (Android Tablet) earlier today. I must say at this point that one thing I don’t like about the Tecno D3 […]

Tecno Phantom N9 (Android Tablet) Specifications & Price

Tecno Android Tablet

Tecno Android Tablet (Tecno Phantom N9) was recently released in Nigeria after the release of several Android Phones like the Tecno N3 and Tecno F7 amongst other. The two that I mentioned above are my favourites of the TECNO Android Phones Series. I must say they are posing a strong challenge to Samsung Android phones […]

Blackberry Social Feed – Social Networks, News And Blog Feed In One App

I own a Blackberry Bold 9790 (Bold 6) and this application called Social Feeds 2.0 came pre-installed on it. I initially neglected it and went on to configure the basic features of the Blackberry phone. When I later got to it, I felt I should have configured it earlier. Social Feed app lets you stay […]

5 Blackberry Display Pictures (DP) Download Websites


One of the things that makes Blackberry interesting is the Blackberry Messenger and one of the things that makes BBM fun is the Display Pictures (DP) used by your BBM Contacts. You can keep yourself busy and entertained by just viewing Display Pictures (Blackberry DP) of the contacts on your Blackberry Messenger. Some can even […]

4 Applications For Sharing And Getting Blackberry PIN Of Nigerians

Many people want to get as many contacts as possible on their Blackberry Messenger as soon as they buy it and hence start searching for means to add contacts and meet different guys and guys via BBM. Some people do this for the fun of it, some to show off that they have many contacts […]

How To Check If Your SIM Is Registered – MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo

These are steps to follow to check if your MTN, Airtel, Etisalat or Glo SIM card has been registered officially by your Network. It can be frustrating registering with this road-side kiosks claiming to register every SIM from every network. I’ve been a victim before and I couldn’t go back to them to confront them […]

How You Can Send 3 SMS From N5 On Your Phone – Review

sms ubox2

With the advent of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the continued advancement in email messaging, some technology pundits have predicted that we might soon see the demise of Short Messaging Services (SMS). Well, I totally disagree because with what I see everyday, sending short messages on our phones will continue to be a […]

Glo Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) Packages & Subscription / Activation Codes


Glo has it’s rates for Blackberry Service reduced by 42% sometimes ago. This is applicable to the Unlimited Glo Blackberry Internet Plans only which is very much different from the Glo “Complete” Blackberry Internet Plans. Those are relatively cheaper but do not have all the feature of this Unlimited plan. Monthly BlackBerry SUbscription Plan was […]

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Subscription / Activation Codes


In my previous posts on Etisalat Blackberry Social Packages and Blackberry Complete Plans, I mentioned the major differences between the main Etisalat BIS and other Etisalat Blackberry Plans (Social & Complete), I will show you more in this post. To be able to compare really well, you might want to open the plans I mentioned […]

Etisalat “Complete” Blackberry Plans & Subscription / Activation Codes


Many Blackberry users using Etisalat Blackberry Internet Servives (BIS) still can’t tell the difference between those plans and what they get for each plan. All network providers in Nigeria today now have at least for different types of internet plan for Blackberry users. They all have the major BIS, Complete Blackberry plans, Social Blackberry plans […]