Why Nokia Didn’t Choose Android To Replace Symbian

Nokia’s chief executive Stephen Elop have given a reason why Nokia didn’t choose Android to replace Symbian in 2010 when it decided to ditch Symbian OS from its phones and replace it with the struggling Microsoft OS for mobile, Windows Phone OS. According to Elop, the choice he made was right and he and his […]

Facebook Works With HTC To Make It’s Own Smartphone


Rumours had it last year that Facebook was planning to release it’s own custom smartphone into the market in early 2012 but nothing came out of it. Now, there are indications that Facebook may seriously be working with HTC to release the smartphone in 2013. Picture Credit: Ubergizmo It is widely reported that Facebook is […]

Scrolling Magic? No, It’s Parallax, the Must Try Web Design Innovation


Parallax originated as a technology for video game graphics. Designers use multiple layers in front of one another. Each layer moved at a different speed, creating a 3D impression to the viewer. However, the movement of the layers created animation, rather than changes in the art itself. It’s a process that makes simpler animations easier […]

Mozilla Firefox OS Is Better Than Android OS – Telefonica CEO

Firefox OS

The competition in the mobile market can only get stiffer not only because of the major stiff competition between Android and iOS with Blackberry coming behind but with the release of a new OS called Mozilla Firefox OS. I specifically placed it side by side with Android in the title because it is also Open […]

Don’t Rule RIM Out Of The Mobile Game Of Thrones Yet


With so much losses, evaporating market share, and enough competitive pressure to push it out of relevancy or even existence, you’d think Research In Motion would show a bit of urgency in the release of Blackberry 10 devices which I talked about in an earlier post into the market but the company is rather going […]

VLC Beta For Android Now Available For Download

vlc player

VLC Beta was released on Monday (02/07/2012), giving Android users a long-awaited experience of VLC player on their devices. A beta version of the app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices running ARMv7 processors. Like we all know VLC is a free and open-source

Free Course by Google to Become A Certified Google Searcher


Google is organizing a short course tagged “Power Searching with Google”. It is a short course on becoming a great internet searcher. In my own opinion, it is an attempt by Google to further promote Google+ and teach internet users how to better use their services. It will be a great one for students and […]

Is the “Great Storm” Affecting RIM’s Blackberry Messenger?

blackberry logo

It was in the news yesterday that a ferocious storm wiped out Amazon’s Cloud Service on the 29th day of June, 2012 and this caused a power outage also in many homes in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. The Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia which hosts several popular services including Netflix streaming movies, social […]



Search engine giant- Google displayed a black ribbon on the search home page for Nigeria at www.google.com.ng in honour of those who died in the ill-fated Dana Air flight 992 crash. This gesture is really commendable. So far150 bodies have been recovered from the scene of last Sunday’s Dana Air flight 992 crash in Iju, […]


Bill Gates

Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates uses Apple products/gadgets religiously, reports on the internet claim. It is no news that Microsoft manufactures it’s own smartphones- Windows Smartphones and they have faced strong competition in recent years from Apple’s iPhone with many people going for Apple’s iPhone more than Windows Smartphones. BILL GATES’S […]