It is relatively easy to unlock ZTE Modems from network providers (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo) in Nigeria these days. When all these network providers started employing the use of ZTE modems, various modem unlockers that we used to depend on failed us as most of these new ZTE Internet modems proved difficult to unlock. Those who have Huawei Modem Unlocker are still  making use of it to unlock existing Huawei modems.

For those of us who don’t know what to unlock a modem means, here it is. When you buy a modem from a network provider like Glo, the make it in such a way that you can only use Glo SIM on it. When you unlock, you can use any other SIM from other network providers and switch whenever there is need to. I unlocked my first MTN Modem when I discovered How To Get Airtel 1GB Data  For Just N1200. I had to take that opportunity with both hands.

With DC Crap or DC Unlocker as some people would call it, you can easily unlock your Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat 3G Internet modems. I have observed that it’s easier to unlock Glo 3G modems. That’s my own observation anyway.

To get started, download DC Crap Internet Modem Unlocker. It is really effective in unlocking internet modems.

Now install the software. Launch it and you are on your way to unlocking your ZTE internet modem.

Plug-in the ZTE Internet modem you want to unlock after the completion of your DC Crap installation.

Next check the list of Manufacturers in DC Crap, select the make of your modem and the model
You can also use of the Auto-select option.

Tick ‘Read Unlock Code & Auto enter to Modem’

Lastly, Click ‘Do Job’.

Your unlock code will now be generated and your ZTE Internet Modem unlocked.

If you are having problem with this you can easily use the comment box to let me know.
You can also check video tutorial from DC UNLOCKER TUTORIAL PAGE for more.

Next you should create new profile for the network you want to use if it is not there already. I have written on how to configure all Nigerian networks for internet manually.  If you don’t want to miss my next post, follow the instructions below.

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  1. All ten attempts to unlock my modem have been misused by someone. What should I do before I can unlock it pls?

  2. Omiohue Odion Chris says:

    Good day Ahmed, pls I need ur assistance on how to configure Mtn, Glo and celtel networks on etisalat modems pls reply my email. tanx. expecting ur reply

  3. Emmanuel says:


    After downloading the ZTE modem software unlocker,i still could not unlock my mtn zte modem,i do get an error message “error 62 server not found”what do you think is the problem?.
    Regards From
    Emmanuel, nice post on your blog!

    • If you are facing any challenges, make sure that:
      1. You are not connected to the internet when you want to carry this procedure out
      2. Don’t use the native SIM card of that modem. For example, if the Modem is Etisalat’s use another SIM from MTN, Glo or Airtel.

  4. Is there any disadvantage of unlocking modem? heard it slows down browsing speed. also, can i install the modem softway on a new PC after unlock?
    tnx in anticipation.

    • Browsing speed slowing down after unlocking a modem is not true. I have an unlocked modem too and it’s working very fine. The only downside is that if ou change SIM cards too often, the SIM compartment can loosen up.

      To your second question. You can still install it on other PCs. You just have to create new profiles for each network on the new installation.

      Hope I’ve really addressed the questions.

  5. good job

  6. I have downloaded the software recommended, installed but still cant unlock my ZTE Etisalat modem. follow the instruction i got to a point where i had 2 enter user name and password which i dont have. help pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Should i register the modem before unlocking or just register the sims to be used for the modem? 2. Can visafone work on unlocked modems? Thanks.

  8. Can etisalat modem be unlocked to accomodate Visafone?

  9. Olawale Amao says:

    All I know is that visafone internet is d cheapest @ N3,500 for 2GB(Monthly). That is why I'm keen on having etisalat modem @ first and then unlocking it to accomodate visafone.

  10. I only know visafone is d cheapest @ N3,500 for 2GB (monthly). That is why i want to know if i unlock etisalat i can use it for visafone.

  11. Pls is Multilinks network still available and can the modem be unlocked?

    • One thing about these CDMA networks is that most of their Modems come pre-configured or you take your PC to their office to configure. This is different for the GSM networks; you can easily get their own APN and other info to configure your modem. If you unlock a Multi-links modem (which I’ve not used before), do you have a place where you can configure profiles for other networks?

  12. Thanks 4 ur help. I don’t know where 2 get d profile 4 other networks for multilinks, but how effective is airtel internet?

  13. in my case, huawei e173 says no username error 63 unlock failed.

  14. the do the job tab cant be clicked in ma case.

  15. Tom Lutendo says:

    Can it unlock zte mf192 modem? I have tried bt it says Modem nt found.

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