If you are familiar with Airtel data plans, you will surely know that Airtel 100MB Data Plan goes for N1000 while you can only get 1Gb for N5000 but with this Trick I’m going to discuss here, you can get this same 1GB for N1500. How is this possible? Read on…

If you have a blackberry phone or have anyone that uses a blackberry phone, you will know that subscription is just way too cheap on that Smartphone compared to that of other Smartphone from Nokia, LG, Samsung, etc.
If you use a blackberry phone with Airtel line you will know that Subscription for Complete Blackberry internet Service (BIS) at the Cost of N1500 comes with how much? 1GB of Data bundle whereas you can only get approximately 150MB with that same amount on your Nokia Smartphone or any other phone or modem at all.

This trick I’m going to teach you will show you how to subscribe to the Blackberry 1GB plan with just N1500 and use it on any phone or use it with a modem. If you have a modem from other networks other than Airtel, here is How To Unlock Your Modem.

To do this, just follow this quick guide:

1. Get your Airtel line and recharge with N1500

2. Send SOCIALMONTH as a text message to 440

3. You will get a response in form of message telling you about the success of your subscription and the validity of your subscription. This plan expires in approximately 30 days.

4. You can now check your data bundle by dialing *123*10# or *141*712*0#. You will see your 1GB here.

Don’t jump yet, because you are not through yet. I have a blackberry phone and I have tried to use my SIM with a modem, it simply didn’t work. I have tried this several times, it didn’t work but now I have a way around this.
I noticed that this Blackberry BIS plan doesn’t work on any other phone or with a modem because of the APN or Access Point. The normal access point for Airtel on many phones and modem is…

…and this is what makes everything go wrong.

Now after Step 4 up there, change or create a new access point with following information:

APN/Access Point:

How to create this Access Point in your Modem:

Now, depending on the type of modem you use, create a new access point. With my own modem, I set it up by going to tools > options > profile management.

Create a new profile, name it and select static access point. Insert the information into the spaces provided.

Save it and use it to browse.


This post was initially posted on January 17th, 2012 and here is an update. Now, you can get this same 1GB for just N1200/month and you do not need to change the APN to, in fact it will not work with

Here is the configuration for you to use:

APN/Access Point:

Note that you can subscribe to any of Airtel Blackberry Social Plans, Complete plans or Unlimited plans but I’m not sure if it is really unlimited. Click on the respective links to see how to subscribe to each one and how much each costs. You might also want to see more on how to manually configure internet modems for all networks.

Enjoy it!
Make your comment and ask your questions. Regards!

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  1. This is the bomb. No more looking for free browsing. Thank you sir!

  2. Peter Rusewe says:

    Kudos man! You just saved me N3,500 in subscription. You are mouthed.


  4. Does this work for other networks

  5. Uche Perps. says:

    I just saw this post. Pls, i’ll like to know whether this trick still works as at now. Your reply will be appreciated as i’ll like to try it out. Thanks

  6. always hinting on blackbery, u pple did not recognised the fact that majority of ur costomer use nokia, pls, i advice u make d data plan uniform 4 all phone nd not bb bb bb.

  7. Hi, i really appreciate you for sharing this information. Please i would like to know if this trick is still valid as i post the comment.

  8. Franklyn says:

    thanks 4 d info man. U r a gift to dis generation. Thanks n God bless.

  9. Thanks man! Cool stuff.
    Please help, I want to configure it on my ipad but could not. , please assist if possible.

    • I stopped using Airtel BB plan on my PC around January because of my location. As at that time, it was working on iphone and PC. I will confirm for you if it still works.

  10. Innocent says:

    Pls can this trick for internet bundle work on an Ipad? Thanks

  11. Bros, have not tried it o, but, you a gem, thanks bros.

  12. Yomi Larsson says:

    U re extraordinary mouthed,

  13. bro, you are too good, pls keep up the goo wrk you are doing. God bless you.

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